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bringin' you music that's strong, independently Grown and Wize!!!!

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Guess Who'z back?

If you are here, you truly a Wize One. So much to tell ya'll , I wouldn't know where to begin, but rather than tell you here, I'd rather tell you in my music! For years you've been loyal fans. I'm grateful for all of you who have been coming here listening to that same clip looping, from the song, " If I don't quit, then I can't lose." Thats not just a song, its my reality! Thanks for dropping by Wize One'z!

angie Wize...I wear almost every hat required in the music makin' process, which is why people ended up callin' me "Tha Chick that does it all".



Alot of information has been left out. lol. I am in the process of re-building the site. i/ angie Wize also builds other sites. I'm co-owner of >Inspire Ur Attire, N-Spya, and the founder of Graffiti Outlet. Plus, I have a day job. Thru all my ups and downs, and in spite of all of the many many hats I wear>>New Music is coming soon! I appreciate all of my fans that kept checkin back!

August 2007; Wize Records becomes a member of Sound Exchange. Wize Records positions itself to have its music products distributed globally via i-tunes!
July 2007; Wize Records joined AirPlay Direct. angie Wize hits the airwaves! June 2007; angie Wize Joins Music Nation and "Do It Now" was chosen by Internet Songs of The Year.Com! April 2007; "Will To Win" became the number 1 single MP3 ever purchased at Wize Records! Thank You 4 Makin' "Will To Win" number 1! March 2007; angie Wize's song "It's Nuthin'!" was among the batch of Editor's Picks posted over at Indie-Music.com!

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  Background music is "Tougher than Tha Game " angie Wize. Tougher Than Tha Game © 2008 angie Wize. Music loops and begins according to your computers connection speed.


Proverbs 14:1 A wise woman builds her house, a foolish one tears it down.

Are you lookin'at the current rendition of this site?

Have you visited a few times, and nothing has changed? Do you frequently click on links,and get the page not found error message? lol. Remember! - Whenever you visit ANY page,including this one,right click and select refresh to make sure you are viewing the newest page. I'm a hardworkin' sista, and it's not unusual for me to make changes to the site daily ,or a few times in one day! The spiders don't crawl this site daily. If you have your rowser set to automatically refresh,then you don't have to worry about it. Welcome & Thanks For Visiting!-angie


  TAXI's Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.



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angie Wize QUOTE OF THE MONTH July 2012: " Live the life you love. Love the life you live."- Bob Marley


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