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An electronic musician, singer/songwriter, and more!

angie Wize! The chick that does it all!

Wize is a singer,songwriter,rapper,electronic musician, and music producer.Wize specializes in Hip Hop. Her styles include R&B, Soul, Holy Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Spoken Word, and Rap. She is also no stranger to Urban Gospel , Jazz and Comedy!. Much more comprehensive information about angie Wize is coming soon. Please Keep Checking Back. Thank You!

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Will update this section soon.

July 2007; Wize Records joined AirPlay Direct. angie Wize hits the airwaves!

June 2007; "Do It Now" was chosen  as a hip hop  song of the year by Internet Songs of The Year.Com!

April 2007; "Will To Win" became the number 1 single MP3 ever purchased at Wize Records!

March 2007; angie Wize's song "It's Nuthin'!" was among the batch of Editor's Picks posted over at!

In the past 5 months angie Wize has gained over 1,800 new fans through!

The Songs; "Jes Not True" and "Do It Now" shot past tens of thousands of songs reaching high in the SoundClick charts in 2006!

More Facts will be added here soon!s.php

Did you know?

angie Wize was a member of the organizing committee at The American Federation Of Musicians Local 99.

angie Wize is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated!

angie Wize has sang in churches, and clubs located in Atlanta, Indianapolis,Oakland,Seattle, Portland, and Dallas!

Thousands of people all over the world have downloaded angie Wize MP3's!   


My Favorite Place in The World/  Mi Lugar preferido en el mundo



Attention! The info. below (on this side) is the personal Bio side. It contains the blah, blah, blah of how I became an artist. All areas outside of this strip of content is the actual "Online Press Kit".

I began singing when I was a lil' girl. I sang in churches with my Mother and Sister. I sang in school plays. I sang along with the radio, and the many albums my parents had. Singing was always me and my sisters favorite past-time. We used to put on lil' shows for the other kids in the neighborhood. I grew up in a very unique environment.It was on the Southside of Indpls/Naptown.My neighborhood was a small cluster of about 20 houses. On all sides of that cluster of houses were housing projects.You couldn't drive out of my neighborhood without going through a section of housing projects. I grew up in one of those houses that seemed to almost shiver inside of the the walls of that gritty perimeter. The projects around my house were called Brick City, Zoonyville, Graveyard/Perkins Court, and dag what was the name of the one on Minnesota? I forget, and there were some other apartments called "Grandville"! It had a few roughians in it too.There was another housing project too. That one was like an extension of graveyard. It was a dozen buildings that were abandoned all of my childhood. It had a dirt foot trail that was flanked with overgrown grass, and weeds. That dirt foot trail led to the park that I grew up playing in.I used to take that scary path because it was a short-cut. It was scary because thats where the wino's, and druggies hung out. Alot of times, I would dash through there with all of my might, though the urine stenched, glass littered trails. Invariably, I'd hear some grown drunken man cry out from one of the cavernous, gray, hollow, graffiti colored buildings>Hey slim~.  Lookin' back I see it's a pathetic man thats hittin' on a 5 year old girl! Those wretched voices echo through my  mind even now. It is in this environment that I learned to be somewhat oblivious to whats going on around me, and focus on doing what I aim to do.I think thats why I can tune out distractions so well when I'm on stage. I grew up in a very stimulating environment. I didn't know it was an urban petrie dish that was perfect for cultivating an artist!*Laugh Out Loud!* Anyway, there was also a huge building that was an assisted living home for elderly people next to that abandoned property. It was my interraction with those wonderful elderly people which made me the softy for elderly people I am today. Basically, I grew up in an area with large clusters of people living in one little pocket.

There was alot of bad elements in my neighborhood.Oftenly, my Father restricted my sister , and I from going outside, and as a result, I turned to music to get over the cabin fever*smiles*

I began writing songs at age 11..

Initially, I wrote poems. That started in the 3rd grade. My poems would always rhyme. I wrote those rhyming poems  for a while, and then one day. I put a hook to the poem, and sang it to the songs that I was listening to on the radio. I started re-writing , and/or adding lyrics to songs on the radio.

I could have been doing that a little before 11, but I'm sure that 11 was when I was into it enough to run them by my  Big Sister.

I used to ask her what she thought about my songs. They were coming from the heart of me. Back then , whenever I got mad, I wrote a song. Whenever I felt sad, which was alot, I wrote a song. Whenever I was happy, I wrote a song! I wrote a song for any reason! I was an emotional sponge too! If I saw someone get beat up, I felt sorry for them, and wrote a song! If something sad happened in the news, yup, I wrote a song. I would tap out my beat, and I had the melody in my head, but alot of times I would record myself singing acappela on my boom box. I had many boom boxes over my childhood. I used to make tapes of the songs I liked on the radio. In between the songs would be some of my acapella songs.*Laugh Out Loud* Wow! What a tender timein my life this was, anyway, I just remembered my sister would sing a part with me too. Like when I wanted her to hear the whole song, I'd tell her to say this over and over, while I say this>>Laugh Out Loud!

Eventually, I evolved beyond the one track acappella boom box recording days.

I became an electronic musician in 1993, but before I did , I started looking for people to take the music out of my head and put it into a tangible form! I spent a little chunk of my teenage days singing current cover songs in night clubs! I also did stand-up comedy back then too! I would sing in my routines. I searched for a band that I could cleave too. Searched for a keyboard player that could mimic the songs that were being created in my mind. I got frustrated with people changing them.Speeding them up, or not ever quite playing it right, or demeaning my vision. I started paying people to play what I  heard. I'd sing it, and then one by one tell them what instruments are doing what. They'd rehearse it, and then BOOM! When it came time to meet me at the studio to record, they'd flake out. I've had people take my money and never show up for the next session. Others were so busy trying to get in my panties that they weren't even seeing me seriously as a lyricist. I went through so much drama trying to collaborate, that I could write a book about just that! One day I bought a drum machine. One beautiful day, I bought a drum machine! It was called a rhythm machine. It was a


Ok. I need to pause a minute. I feel a tear coming on.That machine was the best thing that ever happened to me musically!It had preset beats. It recorded the beat I tapped out.It had loads of other instrument sounds in it, and for the 1st time in my life I had total tangible control of the music behind my songs. I felt so liberated! No more taking someones pre-existing instrumental, and writing to it! Although, I still do that sometimes, I have a choice now!! No more time spent being a human radio so that someone can play it, only for them to flake out,ego trip, or get mad because I don't want to get with them! No more people trying to control me! I mastered that drum machine! I bought a Tascam 8 track cassete recorder, and then it was on. Once you open Pandora's Box..*Laugh Out Loud* can't go back! I had an unquenchable thirst to expand. I bought a computer, and recorded with it. I bought a myriad of software programs designed for recording, mixing, mastering, and sampling audio. I had a little keyboard, and taught myslef to play well enough to make little samples. I started creating samples and loops, and purchasing loop/sample libraries. I mixed my homegrown loops with ones I purchased. I'd add little sounds here and there. By Golly an electronic musician was born! I started flying free! Doing all kinds of unorthodox musical creations.

I still haven't landed yet.*smiles*

Through it all I was sending Demo tapes to Labels all around the world. I've been overlooked, dissed, offered a deal but only if I would have private relations with the guy holding the keys to the door that grants access to the deal. You name it! I've had times that I gave up. I never stopped writing, or singing in my daily life, but I mean I lost hope. Then one day, after years of looking for someone to "give" me a deal. I decided to "give" myself one. I made up in my mind, that I would produce, promote,market, and whatever else for myself!

That is how Wize Records was born. All of my life people come up to me with tears in their eyes praising my performance. They asked why don't you have a CD? The moment I made up in my mind that I am going to do this, is the moment all hell broke loose. I purchased a business license for Wize Records way back in 2003, but I've dealt with set-back,after set-back, after set-back. You wouldn't believe me if , I went into the details of it all!

Everyone that knows me knows my motto is>If I don't quit, then I can't lose.
The fact that you are here reading what I wrote today on my website means I'm winning.

I am walking not running through a dirt foot trail flanked by weeds and overgrown grass again. This time my end destination isn't a park to swing in. It is a beautiful stadium to sing in. Sometimes, I have to cut through the weeds, or make a  new trail. It's ok though, because the will to win is nothin' without the will to prepare, and your being here reading this right now means I'm winning! Praise God! I'm Winning!

-Peace , and Thanks for Visiting.























































































More Info. Is Coming Soon!

If you have a specific question about me, please feel

free to ask! I am a very open and approachable artist.

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